The ISLA project

The ISLA project is a partnership of islands in north west Europe which focus on challenges for spatial development and sustainable solutions which each of these islands face. Because of their history and location, the participating islands are essentially marginalised or in danger of becoming so and creative solutions need to be found for their future sustainability. In addition, the project recognises that the islands can genuinely contribute to well-being of resident and visiting populations if supported and developed in the right way.

The premise behind ISLA is that given the right spatial planning issues, islands can be given a brighter future that guarantees economic well-being as well as environmental and cultural quality. ISLA brings together five partners from four countries, which though different in many respects, have the common aim of island spatial development and sustainability. The partnership is based on the idea that by sharing experiences and ideas across and between partners, solid solutions can be found for future island sustainability.

Argyll and Bute

Argyll & Bute

ISLA's overall vision

ISLA's overall vision is to support the growth of a meaningful role for islands in the spatial development of north west Europe while anchoring their social and economic well-being.

ISLA's overall goal

ISLA's overall goal is to provide best-practice solutions for spatial development aimed at enhancing social and economic well-being and maintaining the attractiveness of the natural and cultural landscape of islands.

ISLA project activity

ISLA project activity consists of wide-ranging physical work including restoration of historically important buildings and sites, creation of signage for visitors as well as studies focusing on the role of government, island tourism and cultural and natural landscapes.

Through the process of identification, demonstration and evaluation involved in both the physical activity and the studies, the ISLA partners review different approaches used in various island settings, identify key learning points which are relevant both generally for all islands and for specific islands, and make recommendations for future island projects and activities.

These studies address issues that commonly affect the project partners and many other north west European (NWE) islands and peripheral communities. The themes are being examined through various studies and through related physical activities ranging from restoration of historically important buildings to signage for visitor information.

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The ISLA Partners

The project has five partners in four different countries. These are: Dienst Landelijk Gebied (Netherlands); Shetland Amenity Trust (UK); Argyll & Bute Council (UK); Conservatoire de l'Espace littoral et des rivages lacustres (France); and Bere Island Projects' Group (Ireland). The Dutch partners are also the lead partners and are responsible for the overall project management.

The ISLA partners are a mixture of public and private organisations and voluntary community groups from the four countries. While they have different approaches to their own development agendas they share the common desire to ensure future island sustainability.

The ISLA project is funded by the EU INTERREG IIIB North West Europe (NWE) Programme and by government departments and organisations in each of the participating partner countries.

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